Recruitment And Selection
PT.KMG fully leverages its deep Human Resource experience to establish employee profiles matching both KMG and our client’s culture. Standard selection criteria are mixed with more specific personality traits required to achieve success.

Training and Development
We strive to approach training and development both in a strategic and tactical way. Strategic by including training in our people development programs and by continuously searching for or developing courses to facilitate the promotion of our key employees to the next level. Our curriculums are standardized across the region and so are our delivery techniques. Our training inventory is computerized and integrated into our HR systems for each employee. Online quizzes are disseminated on a pre-set workflow controlled by the training department and our knowledge bases allow us to control the broadcast of daily briefs to employees. We monitor who read their daily briefs.

We analyzed staff turnover in the contact-center, we discovered two key contributors were selection and Management.
Although staff turnover depends a lot on the selection process, it materializes when an employee interacts with his/her Team Leader.

Q & A
We assist companies in identifying opportunities and deriving actions to improve their processes, leads generation, sales conversion and customer satisfaction.